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Ground Powder IPA - ABV 6.6% | IBU 46

A combination of Columbus, Citra, and Mosaic hops provides a spectrum of citrus and tropical flavors and a touch of resinous pine. Brewed with Pilsner and pale malts to add a firm malt body to back up the hop character.

G.I. Party Kölsch - ABV 5% | IBU 20

This classic pale lager has a deep golden color with a medium body and a touch of spicy hop character from traditional German Saaz hops. This light and refreshing beer has a touch of lemon zest from the Kolsch yeast we use to ferment this beer, which makes this a perfect beer for summertime on the lake!

Lock N Load Pilsner - ABV 5% | IBU 30

This lager showcases both malt and hops but allows some expression of yeast character. Clear, deep golden color, foamy white head with amedium-full body.

Boot Camp Pale Ale - ABV 5.85% | IBU 34

American hops drive the flavor and aromatics of this beer. Unmistakable citrus and aroma from Cascade, Amarillo, and Centennial hops with smooth bittering in the finish. Pale caramel malt counterpoints the hopping with a sweet grain aroma with medium body and gold color.

Iron Rations Hefeweizen - ABV 6.49% | IBU 27

Yeast and wheat malt drive the flavor and aromatics of this medium-bodied effervescent ale. Malty, spicy with a smooth mouthfeel.

Punisher IPA - ABV 7% | IBU 56Our IPA has a nice balance of a sturdy malt backbone, alcohol, hop bitterness and aroma. The fresh hop aroma of floral citrus and a touch of pine from massive amounts of late hop additions in the boil and in dry hop will invite you to enjoy this beer time and time again! Simcoe, Amarillo, Citra hops

Tracer Rounds Amber Ale - ABV 5.5% | IBU 29

Our blend of Munich, Chocolate Rye, Wheat, and American 2 Row barley creates a complex layer of malty bread, toast, and chocolate character. It is crisp and clean with the addition of our British yeast strain and hopped only with Willamette giving it a nice English profile. A beer to reach for again and again!

Oktoberfest Märzen - ABV 4.91% | IBU 14

Full-bodied and elegant red-amber Märzen style beer with subdued German noble hop bitterness and complex malty profile.

The Privates Vienna Lager - ABV 5.63% | IBU 14

A moderate strength amber lager with a soft, smooth maltiness and moderate bitterness, yet finishing relatively dry. The malt flavor is clean, bready-rich, and somewhat toasty with an elegant impression derived from quality base malts and process, not specialty malts and adjuncts.

The Sarge Scottish Ale - ABV 7%

A full-bodied ale, rich in malt complexity. Brewed with both English and American barley and many specialty malts allowing hints of roasted chocolate, caramel, and raisins with very little hop presence.

Hunker Down Porter - ABV 6.94% | IBU 30

Toffee-like maltiness and slight citrusy hop flavor with a medium-full body and lingering roast malt/hop bitterness with a bittersweet finish.

G.I. Joe Oatmeal Coffee Stout - ABV 5.7% | IBU 18.5

Firm, smooth, silky with a hint of nuttiness and complex coffee, chocolate, and roast flavors.

Nut to Butt Brown Ale - ABV 6.55% | IBU 36

Dense layers of malt, caramel, baking chocolate, and a hint of light roast coffee. Complex but balanced.